I think from the moment I went crabbing with my Grandad at the age of 5, in a tidal stream watching small flounder swim around my feet, I was (excuse the pun done a thousand times) hooked on fishing! From 5 to the age of 11 I was just using a crabbing line or net catching small fish until I had the opportunity to use a rod. I remember waking up at 4am on an Autumn morning, still dark outside, flask in hand heading to a competition. Using just maggots and sweetcorn I had caught my first fish in a lake! A nice 5/6lb Barbel.

When I wasn’t catching I was often walking around the lake with the camera taking pictures of anything and everything, using a small, cheap kodak camera, sadly I think most of the films were lost and never had the chance to be developed! Praise the digital world now!

Through my teen years the fishing was on the back burner while I chased girls, modified cars and wasted money on alcohol. Oh how I regret that now, thinking of what awesome adventures and epic fishing experiences I could of had! Sigh!

Now I’ve grown up (Ahem! Okay, maybe only a little) I’m very much heavily involved in my fishing and photography. I’m one of the very few lucky ones that can say that their hobby is also a paid job, I’m a professional photography and I’m also learning videography to hopefully one day combine that with fishing and showcase my “art” for everyone to see and enjoy!

I hope you enjoy the blog and contents.