Universal language.

Due to family, work and other commitments the past few weeks I haven’t been able to get out fishing! I’ve tried replacing ‘actual’ fishing with fishing books, YouTube and even dreaming about fishing but it just isn’t the same. Whenever I venture onto Facebook and Instagram I see catch pictures, scenic and product shots and I just get green with envy, longing to be on the bank.

Time after time I often find myself trying to talk to my partner about fishing without much interest on her part, she isn’t keen on it (a work in progress) and just doesn’t understand half of what I say anyway with all the fishing jargon we use and it made me think about when I’m on the bank fishing or just walking around lakes….. fisherman are the friendliest bunch of people I know!

Now that isn’t to say there aren’t a few that will be less inviting or unsociable but I’ve yet to come across them. Whenever I walk around my club lake everyone and anyone I see says hello and has a chat, some even offer some genuine and unexpected advice to newcomers! Even on other waters anglers are willing to diverse into conversation but inevitably it all leads back to recent and past catches, tackle reviews and of course fisherman tales.

I often wonder whether this is due to us participating in the same sport at the time and if it would be similar in a different environment but I am confident that no matter what, a friendship would grow because after all, we both talk the universal language of fishing.

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