Lessons learned 

So after a day of errands and family time, the moment arrived to go fishing. At half 5 saw me pick up Marc, my fishing buddy and friend for over 17 years! It was time to stalking!!

Previously before it had opened for the season I had spotted a large group of carp, some were easily mid twenties, just basking in the sun drifting slowly but closely to the tree lines. I was with family testing out my drone and had no fishing gear with me so I didn’t want to march around the lakes to see but was confident they were reachable from the far bank (rookie mistake).

Marc and me arrived at the lake car park and made the long walk round with just a rod each, a net, mat and corn as the tackle shop was out of maggots. That was when I first realised I made the monumental mistake of forgetting to put memory card in the camera before leaving (another rookie mistake). We then set up just before we reached the spot I had seen the carp so we didn’t disturb them if they were there, free lining a single bit of corn on a size 10 hook. Simple.

Well my first mistake came back to bite me in the bum because they weren’t reachable, the carp were in a natural bay that was inaccessible due to the trees over hanging the lake a good 7-8ft and it being very thick vegetation! We crept round the whole lake with no luck or sign of carp what so ever, we climbed trees, checked each swim and accessible place but the fish were nowhere to be seen, more than likely in the safe haven of the bay.

By this point Marc was bored of stalking, he wasn’t keen to try it in the first place but I coaxed him into it, it might be harder next time to do persuade him but I will and convince him that it is a special moment when you see the carp take the bait and scream off!

2 lessons learned today: remember memory cards and always check out a spot before going there blind!

Hopefully my next blog is a more eventful one.

Until next time.
Tight lines

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