What a morning!

So after setting up this website, Facebook page and finally hitting the hay at 3am, a nice lie in on Saturday morning was going to be extremely welcomed. Boy was I wrong!

A few days ago I met a friendly guy called Sam, we chatted about my drone and the images I had captured and spoke about photography for a while. Through the close season Sam had completed a few work parties and picked his chosen swim for when the lake opened. I kindly had said I would happily come down and take some pictures of any special catches he had and he didn’t disappoint!

7:45am I had a phone call from Sam to say he had landed an angry 28lb Common. That was all I needed and I made the short drive down the lake. By this point it was 21ºc and the sun was shining! What a way to start the morning  for him!

Arriving at the lake and making the small walk round to his swim I arrived to a lovely cup of tea. The fish was just shy of 28lb, weighing in at 27lb 15oz and was very well rested after being in the sling. I took a few snaps and then released the fish to go sulk!


After an hour or 2, of chatting to a few other anglers about what is currently happening at the club and where the future lies for it, I finally made my way home envious of not being able to fish until the Monday!


Good angling Sam!

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